About Ladon eSports

Who We are

Ladon e-Sports is a Premier Multi-Gaming Organisation competing at the highest competitive level within South-Africa.

Founded in 2018 we have made major strides to cement our brand as one of the top esports MGO’s in South-Africa. Ladon e-Sports competes in CS:GO, Dota2 and Overwatch, we are also planning to expand with new teams and titles coming soon.

Ladon e-Sports started as a dream by two individuals with all the required experience, creativity, passion and determination to build an organisation and become the most professional gaming MGO for players to perform at their best.

Ladon e-Sports, founded by Christiaan “Grassie” du Plooy and Johan “MixCo” du Toit with the goal to become a renowned MGO in the global scene and to provide back to the community.


MixCo has extensive experience in the competitive MGO scene and has run his own MGO for 6 years with multiple accomplishments including competing on the international stage.

Grassie has been a gamer ever since he had his first PC and competed in the VS Gaming league for several years as a Pro player and has the insights on how to manage and improve a professional e-Sports team.

We are passionate about e-sports and we want to help improve the South-African gaming scene in becoming internationally renowned as a great gaming nation.

Ladon eSports Statistics

Some statistics of where we are now.

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