Build-up to VSGC for Ladon e-Sports CSGO Team

Build-up to VSGC for Ladon e-Sports CSGO Team

Comic Con and the VSGC is right around the corner and we will be competing with our CSGO squad. We are looking foreward to see how they do in the presured environment that is VSGC.

We decided to ask our very own Kenpach1 a few questions in the run up to this huge gaming finale that is DGC.

1. Its been a long year and all the hard work has come down to this final weekend for you and the team, what was your outlook at the start of the year and did you achieve everything you wanted to this point?

The outlook from the start of the year was to get into Masters for the year end lan. We fell short of that goal due to one of our past teammates deciding not to rock up for games anymore so we ended up playing with 4 players for our last 2 games that if we had won we would’ve been able to achieve our goal of making masters but I’m still happy to have qualified for the VS Championship so the goal now is to make it to the top 3 over the weekend.

2. Is the team still the same one that started out the year?

No, only myself and Chronic and Astro are still left from the original lineup start of the year.

3. What has changed for you and the team since you found out you had qualified for the DGC?

Nothing much has changed, we’ve stepped up our practices a bit. Whole year we’ve had the same approach to the game in the way we prepared. After adding Lichlord we got a bit more structured and started working out the smaller mistakes we were making individually.

4. How motivated are you to perform well at this tournament and what is your driving force to be competitive?

I’m very competitive and obviously having so many eyes on you as well (because it’s lan) there’s always that drive to perform as best as I can. I don’t like losing and the only way to counter that is to win.

5. Since joining Ladon e-Sports, what has changed for the team?

Nothing much has changed. Got loads of questions regarding the Org and why we joined. But on a team level nothing has changed.

6. What are your expectations for the DGC?

To finish in the top 3.

7. Will any of the games be streamed? If so, by who and where?

That we will only be able to find out on Friday once we arrive.

8. What is your plans after DGC? Any big news or changes happening within the team?

Will have to wait and see 😉 but there are some things in the works. But we will worry about that after the weekend.

9. Who is your CSGO hero/idol and why?

Simple, his work ethic and his drive to be the best and hunger to win trophies.

10. If you win the DGC, what will yo do with the money?

Lets win first before we talk about what I will be doing with those funds 😛 but probably just put it away. I don’t have anything specific planned for it.

Thank you for your time and goodluck with all the games ahead! Lets hope that first place goes to Ladon so we can see you guys in Masters division next year!

Our CSGO players representing us at Comic Con is:

Jonathon “ChroniC” Taylor
Jacques “kenpach1” Aucamp
Liam “Lichl0rd” Webster
Alexander “astr0” Stromin
Romelio “glitcH” Berezowski

We wish these gents luck in the tournament and they have our fullest confidence and support!

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