Introducing Paragon

Introducing Paragon

Ladon.Overwatch is one of our teams that is busy stamping their name as one of the best Overwatch teams in South-Africa. They are currently competing in the Mettlestate Open Series aswell as the VS Gaming League Prem Division!

One of the integral parts of this team is David “Paragon” Harding who is the main support player which means he is responsible for keeping his teammates alive during team fights. He has been doing exceptionally well so far and has helped this team take maps off of some of the highest rated Overwatch teams in South-Africa such as Unidentified, Goliath Gaming and Berzerk 2CP!

David had a humble beginning though as his first gaming experience was on his parents office computers where he played games such as DX Ball and Desktop Destruction. From there he moved on to the Playstation 1 when one of his sisters convinced their parents, and yes, he is that old! (Though still younger than most of his teammates).

He got his first feel for competitive gaming when he was 12 years old with the game Halo: Combat Evolved. After this he also picked up on some popular titles such as Dota and League of Legends where he also briefly played in the VS Gaming League!

David have been playing Overwatch since its release in 2016 and started playing competitively in Leg 4 of VS Gaming 2018 for Kronic Wolfpack which unfortunately broke up. He was picked up by us (Ladon e-Sports) at the start of 2019 and has been making everyone proud with his performances ingame and influence in the community.

We asked David a few questions on his current and future plans:

David “Paragon” Harding

Q: What has been your greatest gaming achievement?
A: My greatest gaming achievement competitively is probably reaching Diamond in Overwatch. When I started playing the game in 2016 I didn’t ever expect to get stuck in to the point where I would be reaching that kind of rank. I also have to mention that joining Ladon and playing in the VS Gaming premier division is also a huge achievement for me.

Q: What are your plans going forward?
A: Currently my plans going forward are to keep improving my ability on the main support role for the team, and to see us hold our own in prem for VSG and get into prem for Mettlestate. Other than that, I also want to focus on developing my content production for local casts and a new local podcast that expands on the local scene.

Q: What is your Podcast’s name and what will it be about?
A: The podcast is named Recall: South Africa, after the concept of Winston initiating the recall of Overwatch agents to active duty. We are going to be focusing on reviewing the progression and results of the local VS Gaming and Mettlestate leagues. I also want to bring in various guests for each episode to give us insight into our local teams, and give some players the feeling of being in the spotlight.

Q: When will the Podcast start and how long will a episode be (on average)?
A: The first episode has already been recorded on the 26th of Feb, as of writing I expect to publish to podcast to my youtube channel on either the 28th. The first episode is around 65 minutes long and we’re aiming to keep it around that length. (His first episode is up at:

Q: How frequent will the Podcasts be?
A: The intention is for the podcast to be weekly while competitions are ongoing. Fortunately at the moment there is no shortage of content to discuss with VS Cup happening this week, and Mettlestate leg one also ongoing.

Q: What other production work do you do?
A: My production work also includes video editing which was born out of a hobby more than anything else. I still rate myself as somewhat of an amateur but I’m quite happy with the things I have produced such as the cinematic stream introduction for local casts. Speaking of local casts, I also do production and observing for those as well, considering that unfortunately not every caster has the internet capacity to stream games. If only one caster is available I also sometimes will do color casting, but I’m not sure if I want to venture that far into casting. (Find his work on his Youtube channel at:

Q: Why did Kronic Wolfpack dissolve and what made you join Ladon above any other MGO in South-Africa?
A: I feel like Kronic Wolfpack dissolving may have been partially my fault – we didn’t have a very good leg and at the end of the season I ended up leaving the team. At that point I was still unsure if I wanted to continue playing Overwatch competitively. But after some encouragement, a mutual-friend put me in contact with SunPheonyx who at the time was looking to fill the gaps in the old Phoenix Rising, now known as Ladon Overwatch. I clicked really well with the team and with the MGO and it’s developed into a great relationship now.

Q: What is your goal playing with Ladon e-Sports in 2019?
A: For 2019 I’d be overjoyed if we could maintain premier status in VSG and attend VS Championships, as that’s been a personal goal of mine since that botched League of Legends team.

Q: If you achieve your goal in attending the VSGC this year, what are your plans after that?
A: After VSGC, I’m still not too sure what will happen. I think that really depends on the state of Overwatch and the viability of the competitive scene. There’s also the rising Apex Legends which I quite enjoy, so potentially I make a move there in the future if there’s a scene for that. But the year is still young and we’ve got a lot of work to do if we want to make VSGC, so for now I’m more focused on the present.

David is obviously a man with a plan and if he keeps working as hard as he is currently doing, there is a bright future ahead!

We at Ladon e-Sports are proud to have him within our ranks and we are extremely greatfull for the value that he has added to the MGO whether ingame, his commitment to help the community grow or only his friendly attitude toward everyone he has to deal with.

David “Paragon” Harding (Right) and Robin “SunPheonyx” Campbell (Left)

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