Introducing awpzzzzz

Introducing awpzzzzz

In today’s instalment of our Introducing Series we spoke to Stefan “awpzzzzz” Zeelie, our Ladon.CSGO.Academy’s recently announced Captain.

Stefan is all the way from East London where, by all accounts, the surf was not great as he ended up using all of his extra time playing video games on his old Reggies entertainment system (Wii Console apparently). He later moved to Xbox 360 playing “casual” Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. The love for Call of Duty later introduced him to competitive play.

His first competitive title was Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (naturally) where he played for Unity Fusion Gaming in VS Gaming’s First Division and was later promoted to Premier Division while still in the same team. Unfortunately COD on PC in South-Africa died out in 2016 with very few teams signing up to play due to various issues with new COD titles. Stefan was never going to stop playing competitively and quickly made the move to Competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive which is South-Africa’s most popular game.

After playing for various teams, Stefan’s team got an offer from Ladon to represent them as their Academy team. After this the team went through various changes with the captain retiring from competitive play due to work constraints, this is where Stefan stepped up to take over the reigns and rebuild the team to be able to compete in 2019.

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We asked Stefan a few questions to get his insights on his future and how to balance gaming with life:

Q: What does it take being captain and in game Leader for a competitive CSGO team?
A: It takes a lot from a single person because they have to put in a lot of time into the game trying to learn how there opponents play and how the game work. Also u need to figure out what is best for your team in all situation and be able to still focus on your own game.

Q: There has been a few changes within the team recently, could you give us some insight on what transpired behind the scenes?
True there has been a few changes, Jarvis had to fall back to sub/stopped playing because of job opportunities as his time was consumed there. After this we tried a few other players in the position and it just didn’t work which then caused some conflict between the players after which annieBrand stepped down which meant we where left with just three active players. Captainless and a bit lost me dZx and Putrid spoke and agreed that we had to make this work. We scouted for new players whereafter Salty and Whiterollz joined to be the newest additions to our team.

Q: Why were you chosen to be captain of the team?
I think I was chosen because the other guys thought I would be a good leader and i personally feel so as well, getting the people together and making/having them work together and having fun while doing it.

Q: As you have a good base to work from now, what is this teams goals?
We want to try to get into 2nd Division before the end of the year and try and make a bit of a name for ourselves. We want to make a big impact on the local CSGO scene next year and become a team that people recognize as a very competitive team. We also want to get to ,at least, First Division and Premier Division if possible. Lastly we are aiming to win a few smaller tournaments.

Q: What does it take being Captain and In Game Leader (IGL) for a competitive CSGO team?
It takes a lot from a single person as they need to put a lot of time into the game, trying to learn how there opponents play and how the game works. Also u need to figure out what is best for your team for every situation while being able to still focus on your own game.

Q: What advice could you give new players to become a better teammate?
Always be a team player! Don’t just do your own thing as it makes it difficult for your team to win, know the maps and the utility on the maps because it will make it easier for you and your team to execute or stop a push.

Q: How do you balance between life, competitive gaming and being a team captain?
The trick is to have a schedule and plan everything you do and not to get lost in the world of gaming. Plan what is game time and what is personal time because not having any personal time will also effect you personally in the long run.

Q: What inspires you to play CS:GO every night?
I aspire to become better at the game to a point where I can compete at the highest level. I want to make an impact on the local scene and help others grow during my time as a competitive player.

Stefan has definitely set very high standards for his team which means all eyes will be on them to perform well in the coming weeks.

This team will be competing in the VS Gaming Entry cup with the newly formed team with the hopes of getting that promotion into the 2nd Division. It wont be easy as there are a lot of talented teams competing for the same spot, but we trust in Stefan’s judgement and believe we will be announcing the rise of this team in the coming weeks!

We thank Stefan for educating us on what it means to be in charge of your own team.

Stefan “awpzzzzz” Zeelie

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