Introducing Edgi Edgar

Introducing Edgi Edgar

“Edgi” Faria is the latest addition to our Ladon.Ascend Call of Duty team with the purpose to grow our team in being one of the top teams within South-African Call of Duty. Edgi brings more than just an extra set of eyes and ears, he has been playing competitive Call of Duty for 6 years only recently taking a step back to inspire others to be better.
Edgi was born in Portugal and still resides there today. He had to come to Mosambique for 5 years where he learnt to be independent and ultimately grow into the exceptional person he is today.
Tennis has always been one of his passions and has taught him to not lose but rather learn from your mistakes. He has brought that mindset to CODZA and it’s proving to be a great lesson to CODZA who still has to learn that losing is not always a bad thing.
We asked Edgi a few questions to get some clarity on his position within CODZA:

Q: When and why did you start coaching?

A: I started coaching the WW2 Kryptic roster because I had a friend there and I wanted to help him win. I keep doing it because #1 most of the teams need guidance and #2 it also helps me learn the game while
I take a break from playing.

Q: What are your roles within CODZA?
A: I mainly cast and coach.

Q: Why are you helping CODZA and not the Portuguese scene?

A: I’m not helping the Portuguese scene because it’s not in need of help, all it needs is more competitive COD players so that we can then have leagues and a solid community.

Q: Why Ladon e-Sports?

A: I watched Ladon play for a bit (through Worthy’s stream) and knew that they could be a top team if they started playing the game correctly, so I decided to reach out to Matt (Worthy) to see if they wanted help.

Q: What are you aiming to achieve within the scene?

A: I’m looking to try to get the CODZA scene better, in gameplay and in actual investment into the scene.

Q: What is your personal final goal in connection to COD?

A: Final goal with gaming is to have fun and enjoy myself, but with COD, it’s been my dream since I was 13 to be a COD pro player, which is something I’ll be working on when I come out of the break I’m currently taking.

Edgi has been a great asset towards the CODZA scene
as well as Ladon e-Sports in particular with his insights and experience as a Coach.
He has also extended his reach by giving some insights to other teams in the hopes of showing them that it will be a collective effort from CODZA to improve as a whole. To reach the common goal of not only competing, but being competitive on the international stage we need to follow and learn from what Edgi is trying to show us.
We want to thank Edgi for his commitment towards our Organisation, our players and our collective community!

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