Introducing FWASH

Introducing FWASH

Today in our “Introducing” series we are putting Francois “FWASH” du Toit in the spotlight!
FWASH is the Captain of our Ladon.Dota2 team who is currently competing in the VS Gaming League Second Division with Leg 2 starting this week!

Francois grew up in Bloemfontein and moved to Johannesburg not long ago. He first began gaming on their family computer with his older brother playing RPG’s and Racing Games (or whatever else worked on the PC).

When he was 12 FWASH was introduced to the world of Dota and have for the 12 years that followed never stopped loving the game. Today he is competing in the most competitive leagues that South-Africa has to offer and he has no intention of stopping any time soon.

For FWASH, being able to have fun is his number one reason for playing competitive and casual Dota2. We asked him a few questions in order to hear how he copes with the pressures of competitive play and why he loves it:

Q: What inspired you to play Dota2 above any other competitive title?
A: Dota is so complex and the meta changes almost every week. I’ve never felt like I’ve hit the ceiling and I always know there is something I can become even better at. That feeling of constant growth is what attracted me to Dota and is what will probably keep me around until the arthritis kicks in one day.

Q: What is your drive to continue playing competitive Dota2?
A: Competitive Dota2 is almost an entirely different game to normal Dota2 matchmaking. A competitive environment pushes me to improve and to develop skills both in game and everyday life. Seeing hard work paying off is massively rewarding.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your team and the dynamic within the team. How do you cope with a loss and how do you improve your overall teamwork?
A: We are a group of friends who enjoy playing Dota together and we do our best to keep it that way. When we lose we make sure we learn something from it and always try to have a laugh about it at our next braai.

Q: Why did you start playing for Ladon e-Sports?
A: Ladon gave us the opportunity to gain exposure and to have a professional coach but most importantly Ladon assists us without compromising our team dynamic. We are a bunch of friends having fun playing the game we love and Ladon allows us to continue to do just that.

Q: What is your goal while at Ladon e-Sports?
A: As a team we want to be regular VS first division competitors. As an individual I want to keep improving and make the maximum impact I possibly can in every match we play.

Q: What teams have you played for before Ladon?
A: I played for a few slightly more “casual” teams. Those included SDS, WKD gaming and a very short stint ant Volt gaming.

Q: Since you have been playing competitive for quite a while, what advice do you have for new and aspiring players within the South-African esports community?
A: I’d say the most important thing is to persist and stick with the team mates that you enjoy playing with. It’s easy to get discouraged when you get dumpstered (destroyed) and outclassed in a match or series. But every good team out there has been outclassed at some point. What makes a good team great is their ability to lose hard and learn from each loss while still having fun.

Q: How do you balance daily life and competitive play to ensure you get the best results?
A: I firmly believe that nothing should be done so excessively that you don’t enjoy it anymore. In that regard I think I’ve found a good balance between Dota2, work and squash that allows me to enjoy whatever I’m doing.

Q: With the second leg of VS Gaming starting this week, how do you think you will perform?
A: Everyone is well rested and ready to play their best. The current meta really rewards creative strategies and players taking calculated risks and I think we’re going to put in a strong challenge for our group.

This team will also be competing in the latest ELSA (Esports League South-Africa) online tournament that will start in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out as most of the games will be casted which gives you the opportunity to see Francois and his team in action!

We at Ladon e-Sports are proud to have players like Francois representing us and he sets an example for the entire community with his approach to competitive Dota2 in South-Africa.

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