Ladon.PUBG is no more

Ladon.PUBG is no more

It is with sadness that we greet our Ladon.PUBG team as it will disband with immediate effect. As unfortunate as it is we are greatfull for the time that these players have spent with us and wish them luck in there future endeavours.

The team will be disbanding as the players have decided to take a break from Competitive gaming in order to spend more time towards their private lives.

We spoke to Jason “Jason1ZA” Goddard for more insight:

I have recently announced that I am taking a step back from the competitive PUBG scene, and here is the brief explanation as to why:
I am looking at moving to the UK next year and my commitments need to be aimed towards making a success of that rather than gaming, at this moment. I will be making this “move” alone, so you can only imagine all the preparation that will go into this, from acquiring my visa to selling my home and practically packing up my “life” this side.
I want to thank Ladon for their patience with this team and their willingness to help us achieve what we set out to achieve. I also want to thank my teamates for their dedication and hard work towards the team goals.

We will not be fielding a team in the next Season of the Mettlestate PUBG Pro Series. We are however open to new teams who would be interested in joining us to help us achieve the goals that we as a MGO have set out.

We want to thank all these players for their time on and off the field of play and wish them all the best in their future endeavours.

Kindly from the Ladon e-Sports Management team.

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