Rainbow Six: Siege has been a pleasant surprise for us here at Ladon. We took on this team without a lot of knowledge of the title and even less so the community within South-Africa. This team, however, have shown us what we have been missing out on and definitely convinced us that it was the right decision to take a chance with them.

They have been competing fearlessly since joining us in May 2019 and has already won a tournament under our name!

We spoke to the Mardiou “Mario” Spalding (a founding member of this team together with Stephan “Sven” Sanders) to find out where they came from and how they ended up where they are today!


  • How was the team formed?

A: Me and Sven have always wanted to take Siege seriously and once we moved to PC (where the competitive tournaments are) we decided to give it a go and form a team with friends.

  • How long have you been playing together competitively?

A: 3 Of us (Mario, Sven and Death) have been playing Siege together since the release date on console. But as a competitive team we have been playing together for about a year where we then picked up Ducky, Styx and Canis.

  • Have there been any changes to the team worth mentioning?

A: Earlier the year 2 of our players left for personal reasons and was subsequently replaced with 2 “New” players and we have been playing together since this move was made.

  • What tournaments and leagues are you competing in?

A: We’ve competed in the previous season of ACGL Siege where we placed 3rd but are currently competing in the Early Axes & PAGU Siege Cup where we are yet to lose a game. (Even though the most recent 6 all draw VS Nibble Esports was close)

  • How much has Rainbow Six grown within the South-African scene?

A: Not that much. We are hoping with the approach and installment of the South African servers the scene will get more attention and grow even bigger but we will have to wait and see.

  • How many teams are actively competing at this time?

A: In the previous ACGL season 6 teams participated and currently in the PAGU league 12 teams are registered. Although some of them have dropped out we are unsure about the exact amount 

  • Have you played any offline tournaments?

A: Yes, we played in the Early Axes tournament hosted by E-Gym where we placed 1st with Nibble Esports.

  • Where would you rank your team within South-Africa?

A: 2nd in statistics but with more practice we could come 1st.

  • Give me some info on the players, who they are, where they are from and how did they end up playing this game in this team?

1. Stephen “Sven” Sanders: Is from Gauteng and he is a very aggressive and frag style player who is passionate about the game.He has been playing Siege since beta and knows the game extremely well.If he were to work on it he could IGL in games and create new strats. He started playing in the team because he and Mardiou along with paul wanted to take Siege Professionally.

Stephen “Sven” Sanders

2. Mardiou “Mario” Spalding: From Bloemfontein, current Captain of the team, good support player. Started playing on console with Sven and Death where after we decided that we need to play competitively since we are all 3 very passionate about this game and want to take it to the next level.

Mardiou “Mario” Spalding

3. Paul “Death” Zeegers: Paul is from Johannesburg and is a very laid back and calm headed player. He knows his place and listens when spoken to. He does what he is told and if needed can clutch a round. He moved to PC along with Mario and Sven to join a team in order to become professional. 

Paul “Death” Zeegers

4. John “Ducky” Louw: John is from Cape Town. Along with Sven he is a Fragger and aggressive/quick player. He only got into Siege 2 years ago but has great knowledge and potential. He originally was in a team called “Fruits” but then joined our team whentwe needed a sub and decided to stay as the relationship we have developed is great and we work well together.

John “Ducky” Louw

5. Tristan “Canis” Elliot Gentry: Tristan is from Grahamstown and is our flex player. He is really quiet but really deadly, he played for AGC and joined us together with Malcolm “Styx” Pringle at the start of the year. Since then we have progressed so much and there started to form a bond between us.

Tristan “Canis” Elliot Gentry

6. Malcolm “Styx” Pringle: Malcolm is from Grahamstown and is our IGL, anchor and value player, he is very passionate about this game and joined with Canis (who he lives with) us. Since then we have been together and is growing as players every day.

Malcolm “Styx” Pringle

It is great to see the Passion and Dedication that these players have. It is even more remarkable to note the time this team has been together, especially considering the volatile nature of South-African esports teams. We had one last question for Mario:

  • What is the future for Rainbow Six in South-Africa?

A: The future starts when local servers arrive, after that it might be another game that grows in South-Africa and become a huge part of the esports world. The game has grown over 45 million registered players in the last 4 years in EU and NA and the last major prize pool was over $2M internationally. When it came to South-Africa we were unsure on just how big it will grow but ACGL did start their first league recently and there is an upcoming LAN hosted at the Maverick Gaming Center. Like any esports title in South-Africa the growth will be slow and require a lot of input and effort from the current players in the scene.

We are very proud of the growth of this team and how much fighting spirit they have shown during their time with us.

We are looking forward to their next LAN tournament hosted by Raving Mad Gamers at the Maverick Gaming Centre in Sandton and believe they can once again take it all the way!

Thank you to Mario for giving us some insight to the world of Rainbow Six: Siege and we hope this motivates more people to invest time in this ever growing title! 

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