Phoenix Rising Overwatch joins Ladon e-Sports

Phoenix Rising Overwatch joins Ladon e-Sports

We are proud to announce that Phoenix Rising Overwatch has officially joined the ever growing community of Ladon e-Sports.

This team is a household name within the South-African Overwatch community and has come a long way in their search for glory. We at Ladon e-Sports are proud to be able to help these players improve and reach their goal in becoming a Premier Division Overwatch squad that challenges for the top spot in the league.

Unfortunately they were unable to qualify for the DGC finals this year as they were narrowly beaten in their last two games of the regular season against very strong opposition.

After a long season it was inevitable that changes would come as no less than three players retired.

The Captain Robin “SunPheonyx” Campbell then set out to start a trialing period to find players of a high standard and skill to fill the gaps left by the retirees and most importantly improve the competitiveness of the team.

Phoenix Rising Overwatch will adopt the Ladon name and will be known as Ladon.Overwatch as they continue to grow and solidify their name in South-Africa.

We at Ladon e-Sports want to welcome the following players that will form part of this new roster:

  • Robin “SunPheonyx” Campbell
  • Lyle “Ripcord” George
  • Hannes “Sevren” Wagenaar
  • Lara “Lara” Truter
  • Zubair “Fak3” Fakir
  • Daniel “Physics” Mc Shane
  • David “Paragon” Kennedy

We are proud in having this team represent us in the Game Title of Overwatch!

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