Top CSGO team joins Ladon e-Sports

Top CSGO team joins Ladon e-Sports

We at Ladon e-Sports are very proud to announce that we have signed a new CSGO team.

This team had an excellent run in Leg 4 of the VS Gaming League where they took top spot in their First Division group with a 100% win record. This means that they qualify for this year’s DGC where they will be representing Ladon e-Sports at the event!

The team is captained by Jonathon “ChroniC” Taylor who has set big goals to be achieved by the team. The first was to qualify for the DGC event held at the Comic Con this year, which they have successfully achieved. They have the 9th Seed in the Championship.

This is a huge step forward for Ladon e-Sports in proving that we are striving to be a top tier MGO competing in multiple gaming titles. We see a bright future for this team with their skill level and commitment in the game of CSGO!

We want to welcome the following players:

  • Jonathon “ChroniC” Taylor
  • Jacques “kenpach1” Aucamp
  • Liam “Lichl0rd” Webster
  • Alexander “astr0” Stromin
  • Romelio “glitcH” Berezowski

We are excited going forward with these players and their journey with us!

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