VSGC Wrap Up

VSGC Wrap Up

What an amazing weekend filled with competitive action we had!

Unfortunatly all good things have to come to an end and as we look back we have to commend our CSGO squad as they proved to be one of the best squads in the South-African competitive scene!

They came into the weekend after placing 1st in their 1st division group and was awarded the 9th seed at the beginning of the tournament.

They were underdogs from the start as they were in a very difficult group.

VSGC Group B:

  • Nibble Veneration – 2nd Seed
  • TOVLgg Bacon Squad – 8th Seed
  • Ladon.CSGO – 9th Seed
  • Armour Legion Gaming – 15th Seed

Only the top 2 teams would go through the group stage and with Ladon.CSGO being the 9th seed, they knew they had to step it up.

Game 1:

The squad had their first game against TOVLgg Bacon Squad in their first Best of 1 in the tournament.

It was a stressfull start to the day as one player could not log into his steam account and another one’s mic stopped working right before the game.

This seemed to make things difficult as we were 8-2 down at some stage in the game.

The guys re-grouped and made a massive comeback with some incredible play from all the players which ultimately saw us taking the victory with a score of 16 – 13.

Game 2:

After a short break our squad was up again and this time against the 2nd Seeded Nibble Veneration.

We once again got of to a bad start to the map and fell behind in the early rounds. Fortunately the guys pulled things together with a cynical second half to take the victory by the smallest if margains with a score of 16 – 14.

This victory saw the team go through to the second phase of the tournament which meant they were up against more strong opposition. Their first upper bracket match was against 7th Seed – Pixel Hunters in a Best of 3 format.

Game 3:

This was no easy task as Pixel Hunters has been playing in Premier Division and was the 7th Seed for the tournament.

As this was the upper bracket it was in the Best of 3 format which also meant the first BO3 that our squad would be appart of in the VSGC.

After three very tightly contested maps, our guys were able to take the win 2 – 1 to see them advance into the Upper Bracket Quarter Finals!

Game 4:

After the excellent performance against Pixel Hunters our guys had 15 minutes to rest and get ready for what would be one of the toughest games of the weekend.

We were up against ZAG in the upper bracket quarter finals where a win would see us advance to the Semi-Finals and a guarenteed top 3 finish.

Unfortunately the 6th Seed ZAG were too strong for us as they beat us 2 – 0.

After the loss we were dropped into the lower bracket where another loss would mean we were out of the tournament.

Game 5:

Our first match in the lower bracket would be a BO1 versus one of the favourites of the tournament.

It was the 3rd Seeded Valentrix e-Sports.

We were off to another bad start as Valentrix took the early lead that we would have to come back from once again.

Again with great determination and skill, our squad was able to fight back and eventually win the map 16 – 12.

Game 6:

Our final match would be against the 4th Seeded OnlineKingdom.

This would also be a BO1 and the winner would advance to the Lower Bracket Final where they would face ZAG.

Unfortunately the guys could not pull through and lost the game 11 – 16 as we had to try and come back from behind once again.

We are extremely proud of our players as they exceeded all of our expectations and made a huge impression on the South-African Counter-Strike scene.

They placed 4th in the tournament which mean they even won themselves a bit of cash for their efforts!

We are looking forward in seeing these guys compete in more Leagues, LANs and tournaments and could not have asked for a better group of guys to represent us!

Thank you again for the great weekend and great result!

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